Friday, June 25, 2010

New Unit:SUPER☆GIRLS [New Update ]

Avex is debuting a new idol unit , the unit will be called SUPER☆GIRLS and the unit will make its debut on August 7 at A-Nation.

SUPER☆GIRLS was created by an audition that saw 7,000 girls age 12-21 take part. The finals was reduced to 24 , with the final 12 selected .

The unit is made up of the following

* Yasaka Saori (21)
* Kano Kaede (17)
* Akita Eri (17)
* Miyazaki Rina (16)
* Tanaka Mirei (13)
* Mizote Ruka (13)
* Watanabe Hikaru (16)
* Goto Aya (13)
* Arai Reira(15)
* Maeshima Ami(12)
* Shimura Rika (17)
* Katsuta Rino (15)

During the PR event after the audition, the members expressed their dream of becoming successful idols that could one day surpass AKB48.

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Group Performances of the final 24 stage

Official Home Page
Official Home Page

Member Photo
Left to right (top) :
Watanabe Hikaru(16), Arai Reira(15), Shimura Rika(17), Tanaka Mirei(13), Yasaka Saori(21), Kanou Kaede(17)

left to right (bottom) :
Katsuta Rino(15), Goto Aya(13), Maeshima Ami(12), Akita Eri(17), Miyazaki Rina(16), Mizote Ruka(13)


  1. i don't know if i'm gonna be able to keep up with all these new idols coming onto the scene.

  2. It`s still a small number that have become major, compared to the 80`s.

    The stronger that AKB48 becomes in the mainstream, the more risks that major labels will take in the genre again. If they continue to gain mainstream fans, we could really see the industry rise up with new units.


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