Saturday, June 26, 2010

AVEX Super Girls Audition Video Part 1

AVEX Super Girls Audition

One of the best times to be an idol fan is auditions. The genre is designed to create new fresh and young idols and  groups to replace aging  idols or groups  who reach 20+ ,often around 25 is old age for an Idol as wotas like all things youthful and cute.

As we are not from the looks of it going to get new auditions from Morning Musume, AVEX has provided us with some clips of the recent Super Girls audition.

I will be posting this in parts with around six-eight videos each part. Most are around 5 minutes, so we only get a brief look at the auditions.

Part 1

SG 1

SG 2

SG 3

SG 4

SG 5

SG 6

SG 7

SG 8

[I call the 3:00 min mark " Touched by the Idol spirit,LOL"]

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