Saturday, June 19, 2010

KPop Idol Group 4 Minute HUH PV [updated]

KPop Idol Group 4 Minute, who will soon be starting activates in Japan, have released their new single Huh featuring the male group Beast in Korea.

Of all the songs currently out in both Japan and Korea , I think that I am starting to like this one the most .I am not a fan of the intro ,however it fit’s the overall aggressive nature of the video.

This is a look and song style that Morning Musume could easily pull off if given the chance as both groups are close in age ,with 4Minute`s youngest being the red haired former Wonder Girl Member Hyuna at 18 .

[Edit ,Misspoke the youngest is in the cap So Hyun at 16]

This will never happen as the genre`s are so different, with KPop being more aggressive in showing a more sexy side of idols and their focus on teens and young adult audiences. While JPop idol genre`s focus is on catering to men in their mid 30`s ,who think that Idols should forever look like 13yr old anime characters ,wearing outrageous circus tent designed costumes ,signing poppy feel good songs ,instead of letting them grow up.

Hey growing up worked for Koda Kumi, Hamasaki Ayumi, Speed and Dream, it could work for Morning Musume.

OK complaint time over, lol.

Huh, continues a recent line of powerful songs with a black costume theme that is coming out of Korea. With the Wonder Girls relocated to New York and the women of KPop advancing across Asia, our J-Idols will have to some point enter the modern age, if they want to compete internationally.

If you are, open to like all types of idol groups, then you may end up liking this single after a few plays. If your heart belongs to only one idol group with a certain style, then you may have a hard time embracing 4 Minute and KPop in general. It Does take some getting use to after being used to our all things cute J-Idols.

4MINUTE is ripping apart the KPop charts right now and off to a good start in Japan. With this unit extremely hot right now and the visits to the post up, I have updated the post with fresh performances.

Their PV by the way, I could put on a replay loop and just keep watching it. Even the stuff that I didn`t like on first play has now grown on me. Maybe it`s the part of me that longs for Morning Musume to evolve into this level unit, reaching out to 4Minute.

[Updated -Fixed deleted file]
Live TV Stage ,Notice the fan girls in support

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  1. Yeah, I've noticed that with KPOP girl idol groups often move from the cute to the sexy image. (eg. SNSD, Kara)

    Wonder Girls have always been a bit more mature for me, when they debuted, though the MV for Tell Me was very comical, So Hot too..XD

    For JPOP though... Morning Musume has always been the same.

    Even if they deviate from the cute, they'll always go back to it somehow... Either in the B-side of the singles or in the next one.

    I guess that's another reason I've gotten into KPOP more than JPOP... The music is just more easier to listen to. Not that I don't like JPOP, but the styles are getting very generic and there's nothing aggressive about them, lyrics wise.

    The lyrics for JPOP have always been feeling in love, being out of love (dumped, sad, missing someone, etc), but not much on "you playboy, damn you, I'll kick your ass" styles...

    I think in KPOP fans like to see idols progress and venture into different genres... but JPOP would like things all nice and stable because everything else in their lives (well, working lives anyway) isn't. I really don't mean to generalise... but yeah...


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