Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oricon : AKB48 & S/mileage [6-8 Update ]

May 26 Results

AKB48 1st day sales #1 spot 354,403

S/mileage #5 as only the top three have sales totals listed, the sales number for S/mileage is not clear at this time.

#3 Sold 15,621 so it is safe to say that S/mileage is near 10,000

AKB48 streak of #1 singles continues as Ponytail to Shushu becomes AKB48 highest single day release .Ponytail to Shushu and AKB48 are the hottest product in Japan at this moment. AKB48 rise was expected, but I do not think that any of us saw this fast of a rise coming and to the level that they are making other idol companies after thoughts to mainstream media.

AKB48 is currently controlling the airwaves with programming on nightly and with the members under individual agency contracts, they look set to grow as a group and as individual talents for some time. Just as Akimoto Yasushi did with Onyanko Club, he has created the perfect idol system, Idols that you can be friends with and talk to.

In an industry that demands idols to be sheltered and live in a bubble to protect a false image, Akimoto has went against all the rules and created the cool idols that you can hang out with.The gap between AKB48 and other Idol units will continue to grow as long as Akimoto holds true to this concept and the individual rivalry system that AKB48 uses as part of it`s member development.

The new girls S/mileage are creating a solid foundation .With a lot of Hello!Project`s time being devoted to S/mileage , S/mileage looks set to grow in importance.

With H!P being a wota fan service and “their need to have fresh ,young unknown idols to worship” ,look for S/mileage to grow at the cost of sales for their big sisters Morning Musume ,Berryz Koubou & C-ute.

S/mileage member Wada Ayaka posted on her blog that they sold 7,000 on day 1


AKB48 holds on to #1 with day sales of 49,477 [403,850]
By the way stores received 500,000 copies of the CD

S/Mileage took the normal H!P day two drop and fell to #11.However they still can end up when it`s all over with a 20,000 total sales . That is a good start for a new unit.

So don`t look much at chart numbers , but total sales numbers .

Will update S/mileage again if/when the members make a comment

May 27 Update #2 

According to the members of S/mileage the demand for the single was higher then expected and all copies on day 1 was sold out in Tokyo by early afternoon.
Restocking is underway on the 27th,

May 28 

Day 3 sales

AKB #1 28,671 [432,521]  They also just got # 1 on Music Station CD Ranking
S/mileage moved to #8 after restocking  ,They also just got #9 on Music Station CD Ranking

May 29

AKB48 #1 27,112 [459,633]
S/Mileage #14

May 30 [Sales for May 29]

AKB48 #1 23,418 [483,051]

S/mileage jumps up to #6 ,they should be around 15,000 by now

May 31 [Sales for May 30]

AKB48 #1 18,560 [501,611]
S/mileage jumps up to #5

June 8
This will be the weekly totals

S/mileage :Yume Miru Fifteen 2nd week chart update
Weekly rank #34
sales : 2,617
total : 23,055

AKB48 Fell to # 3 for the week

Sales: 46,279
Total: 559,732

PIH will be updating this story as events happen.

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