Wednesday, June 2, 2010

AKB48 Sets A New Record

When Oricon releases the weekly sales update Ponytail to Shushu will become the highest selling female idol group single in 9.5 years at 513,453 ,just missing Morning Musume`s Renai Revolution which sold 515,000 in it`s first week and 986,000 overall.

It is also the highest selling female artist single since Utada Hikaru released Can You Keep a Secret. Nine years ago. The release by the way sold 784,000 in the first week.

While AKB48 cannot become the first female idol group to reach one million sales as Princess Princess, a Bandol [Band-Idols, like Scandal and Zone] did that with DIAMONDS in 1989 and then later Morning Musume accomplished that mark with back-to-back singles Love Machine and Koi no Dance Site.

Their accomplishments are no less as impressive with records being broken with every release.

If your looking down the road and thinking maybe the next single will sale 1 million in it`s first week? It`s almost impossible in Japan for any artist to achieve as only three have sold 1 million in the first week. Mr. Children accomplished this in 1996, Hayami Kentaro & Shigemori Ayumi in 1999 and Utada Hikaru in 2001. I would not put it past them to become the 4th at some point with the rate they are growing.

With the group having weekly TV shows almost every night of the week and the members signed to individual independent talent agencies with their own TV events unrelated to AKB48 and a strong push to bring in school age boys and girls across Japan as their core fan base ,AKB48 look set to continue their rise in popularity for sometime.

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