Sunday, June 27, 2010

Girl`s Day PT 2

Had a technical issue while working on part 1 ,so here is a follow up

Here are the members; I do not have their ages yet, however their official debut is July 9.

from left to right the members are: Ji In , Ji Hae , Ji Sun , Min Ah , and So Jin .Based on what I have read of the unit ,they will use social networking methods to their advantage to promote as much as possible.

If you can follow Korean language, then you can show your support for the group here.

Official Fan Café
Fan Cafe

Official Twitter
Girl`s Day Twitter

They have also started an official You Tube Channel 
Girl`s Day You Tube

For English First Fans
International Fan Supporters

International Fans Site

Philippines Fan Supporters

Philippines Fans Site


  1. Wow, even reaching the Philippine fans? They're really going out there to reach a wide fan base!

  2. Wait, or is it just websites made by fans? LOL (can't be bothered clicking the sites = BUSTED "XD)

  3. The International sites are sites started by fans, I think maybe influenced or somehow related to the company .It`s funny that they have International fans ,yet have not debut yet .Their press releases mentioned them embracing International fan sites.


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