Thursday, March 1, 2012

30 Fresh Faces Part 3B

Fresh 30 Vol 3B
Another set of first time on Pure Idol Heart artists. More formal profiles will be coming later.
Artists 14-15

14 Ponbashi wktk Mates


C*LOVER has several units and idols under contract including Prima Rock [hard rock idols] they are the second group on stage in the clip above. Jewel, they are the third group on stage in the above clip. Ange and others.

Another mini program with the groups

Other Parts
Part 3A

Part 2 B

 Part 2 A

Part 1


  1. i like wktk mates songs and the girls too... C*lover might be good but is a shame they upload their videos to their youtube very outdated... i mean the last one uploaded this week is xmas themed :(

  2. That is one of the hard parts about these groups , keeping things up to date at times.


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