Saturday, October 16, 2010

Akimoto Sayaka Resigns As Team K Leader

Akimoto Sayaka Resigns As Team K Leader

Sorry for being late in posting this.

Akimoto Sayaka who has for the last couple of days has found herself in a scandal .The tabloids spotted Hiroi Ouji leaving her home in the early morning hours after being there overnight.

Now before everyone reads more into this then it is. Mainstream media, the agencies and all parties involved proved that nothing was going on with the 56-year-old director and the 22-year-old leader of Team K.

However, the event did cause Sayaka to face the responsibilities of the events.

On “AKB48 no all night Nippon” Sayaka removed herself as leader of Team K, She will stay with AKB48 and Team K as a member.

From Sayaka

“I am responsible for the earlier report about the rumor with Hiroi Ouji-san. He is our stage director who I respect; I have asked Hiroi-san for help on our stage performance of “Izumi Kyouka” since this summer. I have been to his house, and he has been to my house. I did not think anything of it, because Hiroi-san lives with his daughter, and I live with Umeda Ayaka. Moreover, since Hiroi-san is older than my father is, I have never thought of him as a male. The day we promised to have dinner together for discussions about acting, my work finished too late, therefore he came over to my house. We kept talking about acting, but he fell asleep after a while, so Ume-chan and I decided to let him keep sleeping. I am woeful that it sounds like I am making excuses. I am sorry for all the fans who support me, and for AKB members… I am sorry. This became such a big issue, and it is my entire fault. I should be the role model for other members, but I am not qualified as a captain anymore. Therefore, I will resign as the captain of team K.”

Her painful speach

In AKB48 Related News
The Uncut Beginner PV will be sold starting Oct 27 ,through Cell Phone Only .It will not be for sale for anyone living outside Japan.

King Records feels that because the PV upset a great number of their younger female fans at the lives, mostly Maeda fans seeing her in great pain ,that the video could not be released. Maeda was not the main reason ,so don`t blame her.


  1. Why should Akimoto Sayaka be responsible when she was NOT at fault?!
    If the agencies and all parties concluded that she was NOT at fault, she should NOT resign as captain!
    That's BS!

    Unfortunately, it's the old "save face" policy!

    Before criticizing, I'm Asian so I know all about this "save face" CR*P!

  2. Just another dust-up that will help, not hurt, Sayaka's standing with fans worldwide.

  3. Yeah I think it`s a great chance for her fan base to show support for her and push her up the ranks in the elections and show her that everything is fine with them.


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