Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dorothy Little Happy Says Hello To The West

Dorothy Little Happy Says Hello To The West

Sendai idol unit and a Pure Idol Heart favorite Dorothy Little Happy visited Kawaii girl Japan to give their first introduction video . Kawaii girl Japan has a great reputation and is known as a gateway for artists wanting to explore the world outside of Japan.

Dorothy Little Happy in the video shows off the cuteness that I instantly took to ,when Ryo and I decided to present the group on Pure Idol Heart last March.

Dorothy Little Happy will have their second Avex backed single release on January 11 ,2012.

If you never seen Dorothy Little Happy before ,your missing out as these girls are rising stars breaking out of the Indies with charm, cuteness and talent. Their concerts are great and you never leave disappointed ,only a little sad that it`s over .

Here is something that I have never shown on Pure Idol Heart it`s Dorothy Little Happy performing on a mobile stage

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