Monday, January 16, 2012

Nogizaka46 On TV

Weekly TV Show , if you not heard the group sing ,they do at 15 minutes in.

乃木坂って、どこ?「メンバーを個人面談... by dailyers


  1. that song is a blantant rip off. are they really thinking of releasing that?

  2. It`s the coupling track to their single Guruguru Curtain .

    It`s also not a rip-off , it`s called doing a cover track . The song writers [both music and lyrics] for AKB48 own the song and they can sell the use rights to anyone in exchange for royalty payments.It`s a very common music practice.

  3. i'm not just talking about the song only. i quite like this version of the song. i'm talking about the rest of it, the costumes and the dance.

    all cover songs i've heard/seen have changed the costumes and dance to make it original. the oringal thing about this is the instrumental.

    i hope if they do decide to do a pv for this song, thy don't copy the origial

  4. Ah I see your point . I wouldn`t get your hopes up for big changes only small ones. I could be wrong ,but not looking like it.


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