Friday, March 16, 2012

#10 Melody Lien (めろでぃーリアン)

As said on their website, Melody Lien (Or MeroLia for short) are "Idols that you should have your eye on". The group first formed in August 2011. Since then, they've already had 5 graduations of former members - Sakuran in November 2011, Yuri and Shiori in December 2011, Ririi in January 2012, Yozora in February 2012 - and one member addition - Ai, who debuted on February 24, 2012 - making the total member count in the group's short history 16.

Melody Lien love Akihabara, and although they aren't at a skilled level in terms of dancing, singing, and are basically ordinary girls, they are idols that will do their best to make you love them.

The current members, from left to right in the picture starting from the second girl *[1], are:
Makopuri (まこぷり) - Born May 26, Blood Type AB
Hii (ひい)
Kurimu (くりむ) - Born November 14
Onbu (おんぷ) - Born September 23, Blood Type -B
Chii (ちぃ)
Skip to next girl*[1]
Miruku (みるく) - Born April 2, Blood Type A
Banbi (バンビ)
Madoka (まどか) - Blood Type A
Mayumi (まゆみ)
Kuukii (まゆみ) - Blood Type A
Ai (あい) (Not Pictured above)

*[1] The first girl is former member Ririi, and the "skipped girl" is Yozora, also a former member. I also might redo the profiles later on for all the members and in a more organized manner.

Miruku X Chii


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