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#14 Ponbashi wktk Mates (ポンバシwktkメイツ)

Ponbashi wktk Mates is an idol group that, as their name suggests, bases their activity in Nipponbashi, which is a shopping district in Osaka. They formed in September of 2009, with their motif being focused on Onyanko Club and their boom back in the 80's. At an idol event held in Nipponbashi UPS, "students" of the "Ponbashi wktk Academy" were created. Here, they will be "raised" to hone their skills, such as performing at events with other groups. The academy is opened every Monday at 6:30 pm.

Currently, they're always recruiting for fresh members, and after you pass the judging, you become a trainee. During the trainee period, the trainees mainly get to be able to spend their time performing. After 1 month has passed, a poll is conducted on the last day of training. If you get more than 80% of the vote, you get promoted to "Mates".

Their "Attendance Number System" is adopted from Onyanko Club's "Member Numbers", but one difference is that a new member is assigned a number when a spot becomes vacant; in other words, when a member leaves. They also have official member colours.

The members, from left to right in the picture, are:
Yonekura Kanon (米倉花音) - 25, Ice Green
Born December 27, joined January 2011
Watanabe Risa (渡辺梨紗) - 32, Bright Green
Born March 3, joined January 2012
Hoshie Saki (ほしえ さき) - 29, Mustard
Born April 26, joined November 2011
Kamiya Niko (神谷にこ) - 12, Orange
Born July 19, joined October 2009
(Striped tie) Takashiro Ruka (高城留華) - 11, Hot Pink
Born February 14, joined October 2010
Konno Naako (近野なあこ) - 10, Mint
Born June 6, joined April 2010
Fukuno Miharu (福野みはる) - 16, Italian Red
Born January 23, joined November 2009
(Pink plaid bow) Fukui Kanna (福井柑奈) - 33, Red
Born November 6, joined February 2012
Kiriyama Moe (桐山もえ) - 26, Lavendar
Born November 7, joined October 2011
Harase Kyouka (原瀬今日香) - 5, Pink
Born October 17, joined August 2009
(Striped scarf) lily (りりぃ) - 13, Medium Blue
Born May 5, joined January 2010
Maeda Ayaka (前田彩花) - 28, Lime
Born February 12, joined November 2011
Sakura Kotone (佐倉ことね) - 31, Sea Blue
Born August 30, joined November 2011

From what I've heard in these videos, the girls definitely have singing potential! When I heard Miharu's solo (Linked below), she was definitely straining her voice a lot and cracking, but I heard power and effort! And they look like they have idol material for me. With lots of experience, they can become excellent!

Wasureji no Ponbashi SUMMER - lily and Miharu

Dial Number "3104"

Chika Idol Nante Yobasenai!!

Other videos (Member Solos)
Angel's Moving - Harase Kyouka
Koishite - Konno Naako
Kyoumei (Destiny) - Fukuno Miharu
limit00 - lily

Official Site
Official Twitter

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