Saturday, March 24, 2012

AKB48 Tokyo Dome 1,830M

It is the goal of all Japan based music artists to play in the famed Tokyo Dome. The Tokyo Dome along with the Nippon Budokan is viewed by music artists as the measuring sticks of success and mainstream acceptance.

In front of 25,000 fans in the first of three concerts that will see AKB48 perform in front of a total of 75,000 fans, AKB48 was presented with a video package with the news they have worked hard for to achieve.

The idol group who started with only a handful of fans had reached the dream and is heading to the Tokyo Dome.
In the video package the countdown number represents the distance in meters from the AKB48 Theater to the Tokyo Dome.

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  1. Watched the concert from day one at the SSA yesterday.It was an awesome show.Can't wait for the big event ^v^


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