Sunday, March 11, 2012

#7 Asfi

Asfi stands for Actress, Singer, Fighter, and Idol. The group started out with five members, but now they have nine. Their an idol group from Shibuya who are relatively new since they just started performing last year.
This group has pretty good songs, I like Doki Kyun and JoKigen Paradise. Even their cover of Idoling!!! was good. I like this group the most out of the previous groups I have done information on.
Offical Blog
Offical U-Stream 
Offical YouTube 


Atsuchi Marina Offical Blog  (Marina is also in Alice Project)
Watase Jun       Offical Blog
Nanase Izumi   Offical Blog
Ishii Rie            Offical Blog
Anna Momose  Offical Blog
Mochizuki Ren  Offical Blog
Ichikawa Aki   Offical Blog
Otsuka Miyu   Offical Blog


1st single 「Hi★speedLOVE」

2nd Single 「Doki♡Kyun」

3rd Single  JoKigen Paradise

Yarakai Heart (Original Song by Idoling!!!)

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