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E-Girls: "One Two Three" Full PV

E-Girls One Two Three by rocketto1984

After Celebration, E-Girls is back once again with their second single. This time, while Sayaka and Mimu are out for the count (Due to leaving the group and being on hiatus, respectively), two EXPG dancers are in: Suda Anna and Kizu Rena.

In the beginning, you can see the girls interacting with each other as if in a real school setting, most of that backed up by the fact that they're all wearing school uniforms. Based on past videos, I can already anticipate a dance section coming along pretty soon, and once Kaede and Karen turn to the camera, smiling, and the music comes on, I know that I'm ready for it!

The dance is easily well executed, with smooth, gliding motions, the way they're hitting each move, the unison they have and the high energy they showcase. Then follows some solo dances, such as by Erina, Harumi, Karen and Sayaka, and tiny group dances, which are as well done as when they were altogether. Once they all gather back, it's time for more hard hitting hip hop with more effortless transitions, "round" dancing and just moves that literally make their hair fly everywhere! By the endof it... I'm surprised that I had so much to say and the song hasn't even started yet! XD

When the song first comes on, I'm sort of surprised to find the music more tamer than during the dance they did before, but I like how the nice contrast gets the viewer to relax for a little bit. To go along with the music are their outfits and the setting, which look absolutely amazing! It's like a chandelier exploded and the remains happened to land gracefully on the girls and the place. Haha, sorry about my imagery! :P

When each individual group - that is Dream, Happiness, and Flower respectively - come out, they're in cool black clothing that makes them stand out from the dominantly white/silver background. This way, you can REALLY see the way they move their bodies along to the beat of the music. Going to the chorus, they're all in their white outfits again dancing in front of the showpiece that they were on before. They don't stand out as much due to the colours, but with all that hair flying again, you can easily see that they're dancing as much as they can as they always do.

During the transition music from the chorus to the next verse, two girls go up to the camera together and do their own little thing to the music. I just find this part charming and the pairings are really well picked! I mean, Shuuka and Karen together!?! SISTER BONDING! :DDDD Besides that, Nozomi and Kaede look cute together, Reina and Shizuna, the main singers of E-Girls, look devious and sexy at the same time, and Ami and Erina - Hahahaha, oh my gosh, they're so funny together! I actually laughed quite a bit at their little gag. XD To my delight, the pairings continue on into verse two, where we see even more pairings doing what they wanna to the music, and they still act as naturally fun as ever even if there's not as much time to do anything as there was in the break.

In the bridge, you widen your eyes in awe (Or at least I did) when they're back on the showpiece, not just sitting and singing, but executing some flirtatious "leg choreography". The girls on the bottom later get off their butts and continue to sexily dance with their chairs. Man, that really was veeeeery sexy! I could just imagine what a guy would do when they saw that dancing right there! ^0^

In the next chorus, the three separate groups dance in their black outfits once more, with each having their own choreography, by the looks of it. Dream's was more sensual, Happiness' was more wild, and Flower's was more soft and tamer. Each style fit each group very well, especially if you have looked at Happiness' and/or Flower's music videos and just considered the average age of Dream.

Near the end of the song, they are back in the white outfits dancing altogether in smaller groups which eventually unite as one when it gets to the chorus and the end of the PV, summing up a great PV and song! Personally, I still like Celebration better in terms of the song, maybe PV, too. But I still love this one a lot, too! I guess I just need to watch it again and again... Which I wouldn't mind at all! ;D

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