Sunday, March 25, 2012

SUPER☆GiRLS [1,000,000☆Smile] Short PV

In the past, I posted a short radio preview of SUPER GiRLS new PV, 1,000,000☆Smile. Avex uploaded a short preview of their new PV on their channel.

My opinion still hasn't changed. I still think the song is a little generic, a bit mainstream, but I do actually like the song a bit better after seeing the PV! It has it's charms! The PV is absolutely gorgeous! All of the flowers, and the whole set, it just looks really nice. All of the members look and the outfits look really cute! The idea of having a flower cafe is genius.

The dance is a bit too simplistic, but a high paced dance wouldn't really work well with this song would it.
I'm a bit annoyed at the two girls in the front. Ami and Rina. They remain there in almost all of the dance parts while the rest of the members are in the back. I don't mind certain girls being in the front, as long as they change the formation once in a while. But here, it looks like those two girls are the attention of the PV for some odd reason. I hope in the second part of the dance (which we can't see yet) they change places with other girls.

Although they don't really have variety in their singles, I'm so proud of SUPER☆GiRLS, who continue to step it up with every release they do.Release date is April 18th.

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