Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BiS To Go Traditional Idols?

In a move that has BiS fans scratching their heads and asking is this for real ,the rebels of Idol genre are trading it all in to become a "traditional" Idol group and in  the process they are losing their mastermind Watanabe Junnosuke of Tsubasa Records.

At BiS one-man live at LOFT/PLUS ONE in Shinjuku, Tokyo at the end of a 27 song live, Mr.Watanabe announced that he was stepping down as the manager and co-creative mind [w/Pour Lui] of  BiS, to allow the group to become a traditional Idol genre group.

Now I must say their idea of " traditional" Idol ,is not yet along the lines of other traditional Idol genre groups ,so it still comes down to interpretation as this teaser video for their first "traditional" Idol genre single will show.

It remains to be seen if this is long term or just another marketing idea from famed singer and group leader Pour Lui .

We should step back for a moment and watch this play out  with caution,because after all they once had a live festival and record release called “Idol is Dead”.

This move however could explain the sudden graduation the group just had as Yukiko resigned over differences in the direction the group was taking.
. The “new” BiS will release their new change of direction single “IDOL” on April 11 [HMV only release] and on the 15th will announce their new member.

So will BiS join the rest of the genre or will they keep making fun of it ? We will find out April 11.

Knowing how free spirited Pour Lui is, anything is possible.

My money is on ,more of the same from BiS and if you follow the teaser and know BiS style,you will understand why I will end with not everything is what it seems at times.


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