Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nogizaka46 Get Second TV Show

One is just not enough for these girls as Nogizaka46 are getting a second national TV show.

The new show will be called Nogizaka Roman and will debut April 2 on TV Tokyo at midnight.

Nogizaka46 Senbatsu members will make up the cast for the Monday through Thursday show. The show will feature the girls reading various literary works, while video of the girl will air.
Currently Nogizaka46 is broken up this way

Senbatsu Members
Ikuta Erika ,Ikoma Rina , Ichiki Rena , Inoue Sayuri , Iwase Yumiko , Saito Yuuri , Sakurai Reika , Shiraishi Mai ,Takayama Kazumi , Nakada Kana , Nishino Nanase ,Hashimoto Nanami ,Hatanaka Seira , Hoshino Minami , Matsumura Sayuri , Miyazawa Seira

Ikoma Rina , Sakurai Reika , Shiraishi Mai , Takayama Kazumi , Nakada Kana , Hashimoto Nanami , Matsumura Sayuri,

The group will release their second single on May 2 and the group are looking to better their 2nd place rank on Oricon.

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