Monday, March 12, 2012

#8 Otome☆Corporation (オトメ☆コーポレーション)

Otome☆Corporation is an idol group comprised of 3 members. Though they formed in August of 2009, it was in July of the next year that they released their first CD, "Nyuushashiki". They also write their own song lyrics and member Hikari thinks up the choregraphy for the group, which I think is pretty cool.

This unit's concept is OL, or Office Lady. Because of this, each member has their own duty station or post, and they wear costumes that are in a uniform fashion. In addition, their fans are called "Kabunushi", which means stockholder, and a single event is called "Kabunushisoukai", which means a general meeting of stockholders.

The members are:
Narumi (Wearing blue) (Duty Station - Agriculture)
Born July 3, 1989 in Nagano, Blood Type O
Yuuko (Wearing yellow)(Duty Station - Secretarial Office)
Born April 2, 1990 in Kanagawa, Blood Type AB
Hikari (Wearing pink) (Duty Station - Accounting Department)
Born May 20, 1991 in Tokyo, Blood Type A

Daijo (Coupling track to their third single)

Official Site
Official Youtube

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