Thursday, March 1, 2012

#3 Starmarie (スターマリー-)

Starmarie is a three member idol group (They used to have four) that's located in Tokyo.
The girls debuted in July 2008, and their first live was held in Shibuya. They have been active ever since.
Offical Website


Name: Takamori Shino
Nickname: Shinohamu
Birthday: 1992.07.19
Shino's Blog 

Name: Aoki Shiori
Nickname: Bushi
Birthday: 1991.05.01
Shiori's Blog 

Name: Kishita Nozomi
Nickname: Nonchan
Birthday: 1990.05.21
Nozomi's Blog 


Febuary 2009

1st Single  「Time Machine Love」  *Reached #7 on the indies charts

May 2009
2nd Single 「Mahou Tuskai Ru Ru」 *Reached #13 on the indies charts

3rd Single Andromeda Propose」 *Reached #5 on the indies charts
4th single  「Nero Mimic」 *Reached #5 on the indies charts
 「Namida no Pan Kojo "Konseru Kamata」
5th single 「Mononame Shinero」
6th single 「Mogura Mystery」

7th single 「Mr. Kurisu no Present」
Album (Feb 23)


  1. Have they not released anything since 2010?

  2. @Edna: They've released "Namida no Pan Kojo "Konseru Kamata" Single Version" on April 27 of last year.

  3. ^Thank you for mentioning that. I looked on their website, but it didn't mention a 5th or 6th single. It it a collaboration or something...?

  4. @Candy: Honestly, I'm not sure. I was just trying to answer their question. ^.^; But given that it says "Single Version", it's probably a re-release of one of their older songs but as the A-side to a single... I think. XD

  5. They have 7 releases counting an album out on Feb 23


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