Thursday, November 8, 2012

Idol Flashback: PumpKin

In all great Idol rivalry battles there is always a casualty and in the 80s battles between Wink, BaBe and PumpKin, PumpKin was the casualty.

PumpKin was Chiharu Hayashi, Mikako Shiroyama and later Masumi Ogawa who replaced graduated Hayashi, and they had the pleasure or misfortune to debut at the same time Wink made their debut.
Chiharu [Left] ,Mikako [Right]

For PumpKin, that would be a mountain they could not pass  .Despite being talented singers centered on their harmonies and cuteness, they simply were no match for Wink, as Wink were much like AKB48 a machine that took no prisoners.

Sadly PumpKin was one of the no prisoners and simply became the third group in this three group rivalry.

So here is a look at a group who made their debut at the wrong time in the idol wars, yet managed to last 6yrs.

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