Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hachamecha: Fun Time

The more I see of Hachamecha the more that I love this group, they are kind of like an Indie version of Momoiro Clover Z. What I mean by this is they are just a free spirited ball of energy, which does just about whatever comes to mind first.
Here is some must watch footage of Hachamecha out discovering the world around them, it`s pretty entertaining.

They make contact with the locals

In this they discover the wonders of the big city and that a broke idol can`t buy stuff .One wants to take a statue and they also discover alien life.

In this episode they head to the park with a cardboard cutout to try a start a space program that consists of helium balloons and trying to launch a member into space. They also try launching an orbiter into space.

And lastly they discover a new land with strange creatures, customs and eat bugs

This is a Nico Nico screen capture, so the volume is not very loud
So you may want to turn up your notebook volume some.

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