Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Rise of Magical cover; Afilia Saga East

This post is actually for the members of  Magical cover; Afilia Saga East it`s something that I told their staff I was going to post as we waited for more profiles and for them to finish answering our interview questions.

I told the members of Magical about their articles being popular on Pure Idol Heart. They are very excited about the interest from the readers of Pure Idol Heart, so I made this photo so they could post it on their Facebook page.

I want the readers of Pure Idol Heart to know that this is some of the nicest idols and staff you could get to know.  This Thailand based group is very much like our Japanese Independent Idols, yet different at the same time.

Magical cover; Afilia Saga East is our first dance cover idol group that we have covered, it will not be the last, this is a side of the idol genre that we need to cover more .The influence of JPop Idols is not just on fans outside of Asia watching and reading about idol groups, the genre has created a large number of dance cover idol groups across Asia, who are supported just like single producing idols, with their own story to tell.

So here is to Magical cover; Afilia Saga East our newest rising star on Pure Idol Heart and in idol genre.
[Here is the photo that  I mentioned to Puttiano ,the rankings update each day]

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