Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Idol Flashback Yuko Nito

If there was ever a 80s idol that could step out of time and into Morning Musume it was Yuko Nito. Yuko was a sweet girl, who had an unfortunate short idol career.
Yuko made her debut in 1986 as an actress/idol .She entered the industry first as an actress , then a year later she made her idol debut with "Okorinbo no Ningyo". With this debut came a number of awards as by the end of the year Yuko had won the Japan Ballad Songs Rookie of the Year award.

As an idol she had five singles and two albums, her most popular single was “Aki kara no Summertime.”

Yuko was  charming in everyway and made a number of gravure shots and commercials ,and had a very promising idol career underway ,when she developed a serious throat condition that resulted in 1990  her not being able to sing anymore.

Not letting this setback get her down Yuko transitioned from an idol into a fulltime actress and futsal player for the club team XANADU Loves NHC. Her acting work includes over 35 dramas, 12 theater stages, and 12 movies.

If Yuko had not suffered throat problems she  could have become one of the top soloists of the late 80s-mid 90`s silver idol age.

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