Friday, November 23, 2012

BiS: Housekeeping Service?

 If you follow Idol genre long enough you will see your share of creative promotions and our rebels of the idol genre BiS [Brand-new Idol Society] have come up with the best yet in their young career.

The group is auctioning themselves off to be housekeepers. That`s right  the lucky winner will have BiS clean, cook, do your laundry or trash your house .With this group , you better throw in trash your house as you never know what the end result may be.

In the fine print of the auction it reads BiS will go to the winner's house and do whatever you want for three hours!" [Not that whatever, man you guys minds].

They will however do your cooking, cleaning and laundry, the term used for folding laundry is also used as an innuendo for [watch your mouth Gaki] let`s just say, well let`s just move along and let that go.

When you think about BiS, it`s an interesting mix of a group .On the one hand you have a innuendo throwing, anti-idol establishment image. However when you strip that outer shell off, you see it`s really just an adult version of Momoiro Clover Z. In the end it`s all about surviving as an idol group and an innuendo talking. rebel attitude is just the next trend in this new idol age.

Bonus  Concert Footage

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