Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tanaka Reina to Leave Morning Musume

It has been officially announced that  Tanaka Reina will graduate this coming spring from Morning Musume  .The event is called “Morning Musume。Concert Tour 2013 Spring Michishige☆Eleven SOUL ~Tanaka Reina Special Commemoration Graduation”.

It has been decided that her focus will be on her upcoming rock band.

Tsunku asked everyone in a message to continue to support Reina as she transitions into her new music career.

Reina in her letter also stated that she would be leaving both Morning Musume and Hello!Project.
As to Reina`s unnamed band the members are [co-vocals w/Reina] Okada Marina (19), Uozumi Yuki (21) [Guitar] & Miyazawa Marin (19) [Guitar] with another one or two possible members .Reina has mentioned in the past that she would like to see her band rival SCANDAL.

I am sure that many fans will be upset, as for me graduations do not trouble me; instead I look to the journey ahead for both the member graduating and the remaining members.
Morning Musume has always been about change, which is something that I have watched from the day the group was created, each graduation brings the group to a new evolution.

It`s time for Reina to become more than an Idol, she`s earned that right. Reina will go on to do great things as she in my view is one of the top three singers the group has ever had. [Abe Natsumi and Takahashi Ai being the others].

In each evolution of Morning Musume they have shown to have a strong surviving will and freshness, and great things and great fresh members comes from it. Morning Musume will continue to be strong as will Reina, long after she says her last goodbye.

Now Reina get that rock record out already and let`s do this thing.

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  1. I do wish her and the band the best of luck! It's just sad to see that Sayu is now the last of the Morning Musume era that I got into back in late 2006. The band members, Marin and Marina are 93′ liners like me too!

    I wrote a post about my feelings towards this graduation and new band, I hope you will read and comment:


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