Thursday, November 8, 2012

Idol Round Up #12

Around, around we go where we stop nobody knows

This time the wheel has landed on some first time fresh face idol units to PIH

First up is ISO1

ISO1 stands for Idol Shutter Only One

This track is really catchy

The theme of ISO1 is to create a new kind of Idol in today’s Idol Warring States Period and they have adopted a model concept.

Next up is
Sakusaku Musume

This unit could easily be a family member of Hello! Project or Momoiro Clover Z cousins
This release is very catchy, filled wth orange color, smiles and spirited dancing

By the way this group was put together to be idols for a cellphone company and is expected to be active for a limited time. As to after this campaign activates end, what will happen, I have no answers

We don`t feature soloists much so what the blank


This video features every wotas dream, idol hunting as our lovely idol is chased by fans, until she gives in and gives an impromptu live.

Mikichu has a real refreshing street idol feel to her .This PV really gives you a feel of that type idol, while keeping to the traditional Indie Idol style at the same time .Mikichu is also  a special type of idol as she writes her own songs.

[Everyone should take the time to listen to this song]

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  1. Ah, so that's ISO1's deal. They were storming around Akihabara last evening yelling about being a new type of idol "ONEGAISHIMASU" and throwing flyers at everyone. It was a bit vulgar/aggressive (still rather cute.) The general consensus seemed to be a reaction of amusement, but I chased them down because they'd ignored me when they passed originally so I could get a flyer, haha. (All the idols and maids ignore me with their flyers! I guess because I am a female who dresses fashionably, I don't look like the type to be interested...couldn't be further from the truth, obviously...)

    Thanks so much for these idol round ups! They're such good reference pages!


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