Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Idol Round Up #11

Time for another quick look at what you can find in the world of Idols if you look hard enough.

Dorothy Little Happy returns with a preview of an outstanding release by them .I really want this group to have a breakout single .PIH will forever be linked to them, through the events we have shared not long ago.

Alice 10 and their new Theatre Promo

Members of ALLOVER and asfi have a new single out
asfi just keep getting better with each release and for you fan service fans they have included a car wash and a swimming pool.

Now something from the Indie Idol super group ALLOVER

By the way, I know you’re a multi group, super unit, but could you try not to look like your about to fix the plumbing . But still plumbers don`t wear a bow or have that magical idol feeling.

Speaking of magic, here is a little something from our magic school café idols Afilia Saga East.

Next up is two groups you`ll see around Akihabara


If this unit doesn`t make it, it will be a loss to the genre


Pirates never looked so cute


By the way Doki Doki Dream Campus, Toki Doki, AOS, RynRyn all come from Poseidon agency

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