Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Idol Flashback: BaBe

Before there was Momoiro Clover Z there was BaBe. In 1987 Tomoko Kondo and Yukari Nikaido aged 19 and 18 at the time, arrived on the scene and immediately made their presence felt with their own special brand of humor and at the time creative and sometimes goofy costumes. However compared to Momoiro Clover Z their costumes and antics are rather normal in comparison and shows just how far the genre has come from the 1980`s.

Before Wink arrived BaBe were the leaders of the silver Idol age and were mainstays on variety and musical television programs and awards followed as well such as the Nihon Record Taishou's Rookie of the Year award.

Despite finding themselves in a sales rivalry with the likes of Wink and Pumpkin ,the group found themselves having to shockingly disband in February 1990 when Yukari  announced her pregnancy and follow up marriage . Following Yukari`s retirement, Tomoko went on to have a brief solo career, before deciding that marriage and motherhood was also in her dreams.

While they were together for a short time and their popularity at the time was second only to Wink, they did manage to release eight singles and seven albums.

Of all their releases they had  fans regard these as BaBe classics, "I Don't Know", "Somebody Loves You", and "Get a Chance!”

Debut Single - I Don`t Know!
Performing in a difficult situation, while looking like matadors

Get a Chance!”
This time they have to perform in a maze

Somebody Loves You
[Notice the number of female fans to male, boy has the genre changed thanks to Johnny`s]

Just because every idol should perform on TV in pajamas

As I mentioned in the Wink post, very little of today’s Idol genre is new
Case in point does this program look familiar

Morning Musume fans have defiantly seen   them do this before

Some of BaBe fashion style

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