Thursday, December 2, 2010

9nine: Fan Event + GO!GO!9nine EP5,6,7,

9nine: Fan Event + GO!GO!9nine EP5,6,7,

9nine have been doing a few live events recently and yesterday they held another live for 1,000 fans .In this fan event they performed their new single “Cross Over” and their fan named “propeller dance” which is becoming very popular with their fans.

Probably the most famous of all their members currently, the rising star in the actress community Kawashima Umika, commented, “I’m happy too, because we don’t have many chances to meet our fans. Today was a fun day for us to be able to communicate with the fans.”

The members said that their next goal is to perform on music shows, something they have yet to do under their current lineup.

9nine also have a major goal to achieve and one that they are receiving large support from, the super group Perfume.

Now I know your about to say huh! Perfume? , you see there is a very special and personal bond between the two groups .9nine member Nishiwaki Sayaka, is the sister of Perfume’s A~chan. Their  major goal is to follow in big sister’s footsteps and play the Tokyo Dome. Sayaka after the recent sold out Perfume Tokyo Dome concert, made the following statement “My sister recently reached the Dome, after 10 years. I also want to do the same someday.” “Our goal is to get on a music program. Kouhaku Uta Gassen? Maybe not this year, but we will definitely aim for it next year“.

With their fire of determination and a clear set of goals announced, we can all watch over these young women in their desire to perform at the Tokyo Dome! and to reach Kouhaku.

Check out the “Propeller dance” in their restart single “Cross Over”

Episodes 5,6,7, of their TV show GO!GO!9nine
[Note will add Episode 4 with Episode 8 ]
Episodes 5,6,7, are related to the single and their dance

EP 5 Is a PV Dance Special

EP 6 Live Event Special [Notice the amount of female fans they have]

EP 7


  1. haha I didn't know they had named it the propeller dance. That part of the coreography does draw some attention to it. Another bit of info I wouldn't have found anywhere else.
    Thanks again for writing about 9nine Gaki. Let's keep on supporting them on this new approach. The members are probably filled with expectations.
    I loved the indies feel the group used to have. I remember reading years ago on the extinct "wikiTheppn" that 9nine was particularly popular among younger girls, and that they did those high school visits type of thing. Is that really true?

  2. @lebird
    Yeah both are true ,they are popular with younger and girls in general .A number of the Indies have done the surprise school mini lives .AKB48 has used them in the past to break away from the wotas as they were coming up , now they have one the largest female and school age fan bases outside of JE’s.

    On their TV show, they call them a performance group, not an idol group, so their focus is to be a non-idol group.


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