Friday, December 31, 2010

Big Win For S/mileage

Big Win For S/mileage

S/mileage won the “Best New Artist” award at the 52nd Japan Record Awards.
In a year, that has seen a number of difficulties and surprises for H!P ,S/mileage has been one of their bright spots . At some point ,Morning Musume ,Berryz Koubou and C-ute will end .S/mileage could very well be this agency’s future flagship group.

Here is S/mileage from the 52nd Japan Record Awards .
For our female readers , be prepared for many tears from S/mileage . It was something to see them go from stunned Idols to performers in seconds. Their upset voices are cute in the performance .


  1. OMG!!! Congratulations!!!
    I'm so happy and they totally deserve it!!!

  2. :)
    im happy for S/mileage :D
    :D !!!!
    guess H!P aint doing that bad as we thought :p

    anyways :)

    (oh lol ? when did yuukarin cut her hair ??)

  3. WOOHOOO!!!I thought it was the funniest speech ever from wada when I saw this!!
    prob. 2 weeks ago I remember hearing it from somewhere.
    Congrats to them and hopefully H!P does better next year aswell :)


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