Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Major Changes to SKE48

Major Changes to SKE48

Big changes are coming to SKE48, first is a new team E has been created by taking 16 girls out of 26 research students.

Team E is

Isohara Kyoka
Ueno Kasumi
Umemoto Madoka
Kaneko Shiori
Kimoto Kanon
Kobayashi Ami
Sakai Mei
Shibata Aya
Takagi Yumana
Takeuchi Mai
Tsuzuki Rika
Nakamura Yuka
Hara Minami
Mano Haruka
Yamashita Yukari
Yamada Erika

Changes are also being made to Team KII
Four members have been demoted to research students and four research students have been promoted to take their positions.

Members demoted are Iguchi Shiori, Uchiyama Mikota, Kito Momona, and Saito Makiko

Research students promoted to take their positions are Abiru Riho, Goto Risako, Hata Sawako, Yakata Miki,

SKE48 now has three teams with 16 members each.

Footnote there are a number of rumors, ranging from possible bullying, dates with wotas, being punished and so on and  you should  treat them as such .The real reason they ended up demoted  ,will likely never be known and can be just as simple as not working as hard as a trainee and as the 48`s work , you can loose your position ,if you do not continue to improve. If I printed on this site every idol rumor, one I would never sleep and two we would never have any other news to present to you.

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