Monday, December 20, 2010

AKB48: Draws 20,000 fans to Handshake Event! +NMB48 Song

UPDATE : News Story with Tomomi`s PV

AKB48: Draws 20,000 fans to Handshake Event! +NMB48 Song

AKB48 is still supporting their highly successful singer “Beginner” while they have another single “Chance no Junban” out to promote as well.

As part of their “Beginner”, promotions AKB48 have been doing handshake events in major sports arenas.

On December 18, AKB48 paid a visit to Osaka and the Kyocera Dome .The Kyocera Dome is a professional baseball domed stadium that is home to the Orix Buffaloes and used by the famed Hanshin Tigers for games when their stadium is being used for other events. The Kyocera Dome is listed at seating 48,000 however; it really seats 36,627 for baseball games and 48,000 major concerts.

AKB48 managed to bring in an impressive 20,000 fans for a mini live and handshake event.

The event opened with a little AKB48 baseball as Itano Tomomi threw out the opening pitch ,well it was more liked rolled out the first pitch as it fell short and rolled to home plate to a waiting Maeda Atsuko .

Itano could get another chance to make up for her pitch with the fan debut of her solo single PV “Dear J”.

A day of firsts did not end there as the newest 48`s NMB48 made a surprise appearance to perform their theme song “NMB48” which received a loud response from the crowd.

Related video
Note you will not see the girls good but the song is clear.

NMB48: NMB48
[This is already better then most groups have released all year]

As everybody has heard AKB48 sing , here is some more NMB48 action

Lineup if you want to shake hands

UPDATE : TV news Coverage and Tomomi`s PV tease.

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