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Passpo☆ Taking Flight To New Levels.

Passpo☆ Taking Flight To New Levels.

Passpo☆ is another one of the new fresh faces on the scene that is making a lot of noise and steadily moving up the ranks. It`s also a group that I am really happy about presenting to everyone here.

Passpo☆ is an Akihabara based group, which was formed in May 2009, when 10 girls were selected from an audition that totaled 19 girls. Who says you need 9,000 girls to find an idol, Passpo☆ found 10 out of 19. After their training was completed, they held their first live, which they call “Flights” on December 20, 2009.

Their theme is  "travel ,flight attendants”. Their live event tickets are called “passports”,their event schedule is called the "flight schedule" and to encourage fans to come often and spend often, fans earn bonus points known as “frequent flier miles”. Their singles come in theme related versions  ,instead of your limited type versions , you can buy their singles in "Economy, Business and First Class versions". Business Class singles in the past have come with 20- page booklets, while the First Class featured a 40-page booklet.

As I mentioned earlier Passpo☆ is centered on airlines and travel themes, down to their songs and MC`s. Some of their song titles include the following “Attention Please”, “Riding A Jet Stream Into Space:, “First Flight”, “Do You Have a Passport?” and one of my personal favorites “Go On A Highway” .They also do non travel related songs such as “Girl’s Pajama Party”. [really like the music in this one ,a well put together song]

Their live MC`s are also theme related as they start each live with the following “PASSPO TAKE OFF GO!!!” Each of the members presents herself in the traditional super fan friendly idol way and their performances, leave you satisfied that you attended regardless of the venue size.

Passpo☆ is one of the hardest working new groups on the scene with a number of live events completed ,including a much talked about performance this year at the “Tokyo Idol Festival” that earned the group an next breakout star mention by the media.

Passpo☆ members by the way are called the “flight crew” and the Passpo☆ crew members are “flight captain” Negishi Ai [18] ,Fujimoto Yukimi [18] , Iwamura Natsumi [19] , Masui Mio[16], Okunaka Makoto [17], Anzai Naomi [18], Mori Shiroi [18], Makita Sako [17] , Tamai Anna [15] Anna is the only member who will wear glasses in public ,doing so often ,Sakuma Kaho [18] ,

[Profile Photos and glow stick colors -------- ]

Passpo☆ have  a new album that will be released on December 8, a photo book [no overseas release] titled “CIELO Passpo☆ “will come out on December 6 and will be limited to 1,000 copies and was produced by the members of Passpo☆ .

Passpo☆  has been making a name for themselves in a short amount of time, with modern music, creative themes,  high-energy concerts ,receiving good reviews and look set to have their national breakout hit at anytime .

If you are looking for something a bit different, refreshing music and songs and full of energy Passpo☆ maybe what you are looking for.
“Pretty Lie”

Girls Pajama Party

Go on a Highway ,performed in a small venue is a really good sounding song.

Summer Sky DASH

Album Information

CD ver. Tracklist –
1. Let It Go!!
2. GPP (Girl’s Pajama Party)
3. Go On A Highway
4. Pretty Lie
5. Muteki GIRL(nvincible GIRL)
7. LA LA LOVE TRAIN~Koi no Katamichi Kippu/Love’s One-way Ticket~
8. Hallelujah
9. Natsu Sora DASH (Summer Sky DASH)
10.Yume Pasupooto (Dream Passport)
11.Sakura Iro (Cherry Blossom Color)
12. Let It Go!! (Orchestra Ver.)
13. Let It Go!! (Music Box) ver.)
14. Sakura Iro (Orchestra Ver.)


CD is the same as above until track 11:
12. Let It Go!!(Piano Ver.)
13. Let It Go!!(Music Box) Ver.)
14. Sakura Iro(Piano Ver.)

DVD Contains
1. GPP (PV) (Girl’s Pajama Party)
2. Let It Go (PV)
3. Hallelujah (PV)
4. Sakura Iro (Cherry Blossom Color)PV
5. Girl’s Pajama Party PV Making Of
6. Hallelujah PV Making Of
(DVD contents are listed in a random order)
Home Page
Group`s Youtube Page

They have an online store but it does not sale out of country.


  1. that Summer Sky DASH is awesome!!!

  2. They really put a lot of energy in their performances; I have yet to see anything bad from them in their lives.


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