Friday, December 17, 2010

Morning Musume: 9th Generation It Starts


Well It didn`t take long to move forward .Are you ready for the 9th Generation discovery? First of two episodes to get our final members of the 9th generation.

The next Aichan ? Sayashi Riho


  1. ok so after tearing for basically the whole day!!!! I now am focused to recieve the 9th generation I know one vid has been posted and so far two of them seem to stand out a lot.. but Iwant to hear them sing and dance.. thats the only way i know if i'll like them.

  2. Hey Jenny,

    One of those girls is not an amateur so to speak ; she is Sayashi Riho, from the same performance school as Perfume and Manaminorisa .She was also the winner I of the play auditions they held this year.

  3. yeah
    @ Gaki I heard about her and now I know that so far their are 5 finalists!!!! don't know whats going to happen since there are only five of them left!!

  4. @ Jenny,

    The five have been in camp for some time now .No word on EGGS! I could see all five joining to give them an even ten .Ten is a good group size.

    If they "asked" Riho to audition, you have to consider she will be groomed to be the front girl another Aichan so to speak. I think we are starting to see the beginning of the reset button being pushed and new Morning Musume is coming.

  5. probably... but for some reason I feel like tsunku has something up his sleeve... especially since eggs prob. did audition!! I feel like he's testing them and then going to put them against eggs!!! and then making his choice!! that be cool but we'll see.


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