Sunday, December 19, 2010

Morning Musume: 9th Generation Audition Member Name #2

Take this for what it is; there is another girl in the auditions who is not a so-called amateur. If you remember the first girl that enters the room at the dance scene .Well her name is Ikuda Erina [13], she has in the past before this audition been involved with an agency.

She is also an AKB48 fan by her own admission a Kojima Haruna fan.

Now here is what gets interesting about this discovery by hard working wotas. A little more then two hours ago as of posting this , both her blog and twitter accounts were suddenly shut down. So this could mean that she will be one of the members added to the group and that her contract was transferred to H!P?  Or H!P may have just found out about them and shut them down to protect the auditions.

Before her blog and twitter account was shut down , they were filled with normal fan girling over AKB48 ,no3b and Kojima.

It`s a safe bet  that if Tsunku let’s her get away ,she will jump over to the AKB48 family at first chance of auditions.

Now because she is a fan girl of AKB48 there is no reason Musume fans to hate on her that is not why I posted this post. Most all school age girls support AKB48 it`s a fact of life , yet they dream of being an idol. Hello!Project is giving her that chance first  and if selected , I am sure she will be a dedicated member to the lineup.

EDIT: Put away your clubs and torches , on an archive of her blog ,she has stuff about S/Mileage as well .

Now we know at least two of the audition members names .

What do you think ? looks like she would make a good Musume to me , just look at her past photo shoots.


  1. hmmzzz... shes one of the finalists i like...
    though her loving AKB.... have to think bout that...
    not gonna hate her for that ofcourse...
    but hey xD lol kojiharu wants to be in momusu right XD (jk jk)

    we'll see.... if she gets in... and works hard in momusu.... there wont be any reason id dislike her... (not sayin i do now xD lol)

    wish them good luck... ^^

  2. EDIT: Put away your clubs and torches , on an archive of her blog ,she has stuff about S/Mileage as well .... << mmm ok, ok

    lol i can't see any issue with being an akb fan and joining momusu... the chance to be a part of h!p main group is different to join akb when she would be only one more of the dozens of members (at first at least)

  3. She will represent Momusu well if selected. Her dance needs some work , but she is only 13 , no need to be Eri level yet.Aichan will get her in line with the program. In Momusu , she could be a franchise changing face and member.

    Never know how 13 yr old idols will turn out .

    Hope that everyone got the edit joke .

  4. @ Road K .

    Kojiharu fan girls over Sayu and Itano of AKB is close friends with members of H!P.

    The girls still in school from both agencies go to the same school, so even if some wotas want to start this myth that they hate each other, the two groups and agencies are friends.

    Reina has mentioned watching AKBINGO! before .

    All idols hang out with each other and fan girl, the bigger level groups with their level and Indies with Indies.

  5. Although she really doesn't stand out to me..... I think she'll do quite good in momusu plus I think she is going to be tall and momusu needs a tall girl in the group! XD

  6. i know lol.. its only the fans who see them as rivals... enemies...
    sayu likes akb as well

    and yea she needs to work hard on her dancing..
    but indeed ai-chan will prep her well..
    shes still young
    @jennyluvsmusic07 well sayu and and mitsui arent short.. sayus pretty tall actually... kinda xD
    but yea they need tall girl

  7. @Road k.
    mitsui is not tall at all she is just a bit taller than gaki. Sayu is kinda tall though but if I remember correctly Iida was the talles so far in its time for someone new.. and I agree the fans are the only ones being unreasonable!!

  8. Was randomly Googling and found this... it's weird to see posts from before we knew who the 9th gens were. :D

  9. Welcome to PIH .Our staff always post about the pre-idol history of an idol if she was in entertainment.


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