Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Passpo☆ PV`s + Extras

With a slow news day right now with the major idols, I thought that our fans of Independent idols would enjoy these videos.

A few weeks ago I introduced everyone to a really up and coming group of idols called Passpo☆ .Passpo☆ are absolutely charming bunch of young ladies, who put on an energetic stage show.

Their videos are like lesser-known groups. Nothing flashy, shot on a budget, and lack the energy from their live videos, yet they work for them and come out as good videos.

You do not need to spend large amounts of money on over produced videos, if you believe in your song, you can make anything work.

Passpo☆ takes what they have and makes it work and are enjoyable.

There is something about Passpo☆ that pulls you in if you will let them and for a little while, they bring out that inner wota that you keep locked away, lol.

In addition, you find yourself happy that you checked them out. With any luck, this group will take flight to bigger and better things.


Let It Go!!

Sakura Colors

Member Intros in Subs

Hallelujah Live Stage

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  1. thanks for this,have been getting into this group as of recent so thank you

  2. I like their song "Let It go" It's catchy~

  3. Many of their songs are up-tempo rock songs, which have catchy hooks to them. Their live stages are real fun to watch.

    This group has a lot to offer.


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