Friday, December 24, 2010

TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE: Love Like Candy Floss PV

TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE: Love Like Candy Floss PV
The little darlings of Avex are back with another release, this time TGS is covering former AVEX group SweetS 2004 single "Love Like Candy Floss ".

This single is really a little more mature for this aged group, however the new modern feel of the song and the video shoot make up for that problem.

The PV tells a cute story and has a nice ending.

This is one single that TGS may end up both winning and loosing at the same time . SweetS still has a loyal fan base, even after no longer being a unit; and this video is meeting some resistance from SweetS fans.

Anytime you do a cover track, it`s often a win-loose situation for the artist as every little thing will be judge by the original.

Overall, it is a very nice video and single remake.

To be fair to both groups
The original done by SweetS

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