Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Itano Tomomi :Dear J Covers + Radio Release

Itano Tomomi :Dear J Covers + Radio Release

In a stunning release AKB48`s Itano Tomomi first solo release “Dear J” CD covers have been released and they are nothing short of artistic stunning. If you like to collect CD covers, it`s worth getting the single just for the covers.

The single will be released on January 26 and will come in “Type-A”, “Type-B”, and “Type-C” editions, all of which will include a DVD .The PV will also be included in each edition, with separate bonus DVD footage for each release. To complete the deal each type will have different coupling tracks.


Coupling song: “TUNNEL”
Special movie on DVD: “Tomomi Itano Collection”


Coupling song: “Stay by my side”
Special movie on DVD: “Tomomi Itano Interview”


Coupling song: “Thank you”
Special movie on DVD: “Making of Tomomi Itano”

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