Friday, December 24, 2010

Morning Musume: 9th Generation

UPDATE : Now with TV Broadcast

Here are the names and ages of the final 5

Ikuta Erina [13]
Suzuki Kanon [12] 
Sayashi Riho [12]
Mogi Minami [11]
Otsuka Aina [12]

Personal Observations While Watching the broadcast
their vocals is  strong in fact. Riho, Kanon are very confident in their singing, Minami struggles but just needs some confidence.Riho is the  most ready to join of the five.

Best way to describe the five is imagine S/Mileage in Morning Musume.

Your New Members Of Morning Musume Are?

Drum Roll

Will be announced at the winter concert.

2nd of January


Sayu may block this girl on the Sayu is #1 Kawaii in Morning Musume rule

Guest Commentator

From Sayu`s Blog
Said she is very anxious to meet the new members (they were all cute) and was touched by how hard they were working and it reminded her of her audition.


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  2. lol guess i like riho a lot ..
    she dances awesome... singin..has to work on it.. but its not horrible

    im kinda amazed mogi is a finalist :o
    mzz.. but i like the name though xD mogi xD

    otsuka aina has a nice name too xD(OTSuKA REINA~~!!) xD

    wow lol xD and we all were thinking they were crying for real.. xD

    for sure if riho doesnt get in..... ill be SHOCKED....
    im fearing there will only be 1 added >_< xD

    if these really are worthy to be called finalists..... i dun wanna see the others... :/

    aitai lonely christmas is a hard song to sing xD...

  3. @ Road, I watched the broadcast live on television . At first I felt that Riho and Kanon are the most ready from the group .By the end I felt that four of the five could handle being in Musume.

    Mogi needs to go to EGG school; I do not think she is emotionally ready to handle the demands of being a Musume. I do not think she could handle being in a situation like Yokohama Arena at 11 yrs old. She’s no Matsui Jurina .

    I would like to see some older EGGS added to take the pressure off these girls. The rest of Morning Musume are fast reaching the graduation point, they will need some older EGGS to add maturity and leadership to the group as the big five graduate in future.

    Tsunku did hint on the show that he was “unhappy” with the current Musume group mindset, they have become a bit calm for his tastes and needs to be shaken up a bit, with new energy and moe characters.They all fit that "little sister" ,"moe" position.

    I think all five will be a part of H!P in some way , as he did also hint or sound like these five would be a good unit by themselves and for Musume.

  4. wow!! for me riho ahd aina and kanon are best fit for momusu! but with eggs completing their training I don't know whats going to happen XC

  5. i do agree with tsunku... momusu has become really calm..
    i mean theyre sure not the energetic idols they used to be...

    but we'll see...
    im rooting for riho :p


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