Friday, December 24, 2010

AKB48: Sashihara Rino Gets Her Own TV Show.

AKB48: Sashihara Rino Gets Her Own TV Show.

Members of AKB48 are getting their own individual variety shows. Sashihara Rino`s variety show will be called “Sashiko no Kuseni“. “Sashiko no Kuseni” will air on TBS starting on January 11 at 1:25 am.

Serving as the MC is comedian Tsuchida Teruyuki. Sasshi`s first guest in this comedy/variety challenge mission type show will be AKB48`s Maeda Atsuko.

Will Sasshi rise up to the challenges that she will face each week? If anything it will be a full 30 minutes of Sasshi style as only she can bring it.

Footnote-> This is not another MC-Co host type role that AKB48 members have, this is a show centered on Sasshi .It`s for Sasshi, this is a major push up the ranks for Sasshi to become the host of her own television show.

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