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Aso Natsuko: More Idol Love


Aso Natsuko: More Idol Love

Most of the time ,I like to focus on groups and not soloists ,yet given what all that has happened in the last few hours , this site is in need of Idol “cuteness ,love and happiness” ,so I Present to you Aso Natsuko .

Aso Natsuko represents everything that the lesser known idols represent ,that is “cuteness ,love and happiness” and after watching her PV for her most recent single “More-more Lovers!!” ,you will quickly start to understand why I have used those three words to describe her .

Natsuko [20] is a Tokyo girl, who is also an actress as well as an Idol [She loves to play Monster Hunter by the way] and received her industry break by signing with “Stardust!” the agency that brought to the scene Momoiro Clover.

In her acting career Natsuko has been in the following Dramas
“Uroi Taiyou [as Hiromi], MAGISTER NEGI MAGI Mahou Sensei Negima! [as Hasegawa Chisame], Saito-san [as Gyaru], Cat Street [as Misaki], Shokojo Seira [as Yokoo Mamiko] and Hitsudan Hostess [as Hikari] “

On the music front, she has released one album “Movement of Magic” [#109 Oricon 1,338] that came with 14 songs and 9 music videos.

Since her Music debut in 2009 she has released five singles with another two scheduled for February and March release.

She also has pockets of support from anime fans in France and other parts of Europe

If your looking for an idol that is full of “cuteness, love and happiness” and you are not concerned with sales numbers and chart rankings give Aso Natsuko a chance, you just may find out that you have a soft spot for another one of this industries hidden treasures.

“More-more Lovers!!” [Single #5] [#38 3,450 sales]
Was used as the ending theme for the anime MM!.

Single #4 was “Everday sunshine line!” [#75 1,839]
Was used as the ending theme for the anime Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou.

Single #3 was “ Perfect-Area Complete!”
This was a hit release , in regards to the level that she is currently at ,coming in at #18 with sales of 13,479 and staying on the top 200 Oricon charts for 11 weeks.

Was used as the opening theme for the anime Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

Single #2 was “Programming for Non-Fiction “ [ #83 2,627 ]
Was used as the opening theme for the anime Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou.

Single # 1 was “ Brand New World” and was used as the first ending theme for the anime Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen on television.


Album Title Track PV

It seems that I left off her Blog site and Web Site .Sorry about that.


  1. LoL, Berryz not hard to do as I said she is full of “cuteness ,love and happiness” .Hard not to not like her.


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