Saturday, June 25, 2011

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces :HY4_4YH

In keeping with our “Fresh Face” series ,I would like to present a unit that I find enjoyable to watch perform live.

Please welcome

HY4_4YH [Hyper Yoyo]

HY4_4YH are free spirit idols with great fan interaction that made their debut in 2005 .Currently the lineup features the following members, Yukarin [22], Yumiko [21] and Sadachi [24]. They are older then the traditional Major Agency Idols , but not for Independents .For most Independents the 18+ age is common for a number of business reasons, not to mention several Indies are former Major trainees or audition passovers.

HY4_4YH put on a hyper live performance complete with a live band when possible, much like H!P`s Buono or BeForU with costumes that range from off the wall animal pajamas to Buono style fashion.

While some may not like the mix of off the wall to Buono style costumes ,their comedy carefree style attitude or rock style songs. Honestly, HY4_4YH are perfect just the way they are ,so a part of me hopes that they stay away from the big power companies as they may just loose the very style that makes them so special to the genre.

To date the group has released 5 albums ,9 singles and a host of other materials .

Current 3 member lineup

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