Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Idol Group Suffer Major Injuries

Idol Group Suffer Major Injuries

Members of an Idol group that we have not talked about yet on PIH have suffered serious injuries while filming a variety show.

Pureful an Idol group that belongs to Alice Project were filming the TV Tokyo show “Monthly MelodiX!” .They were playing the traditional idol game of getting dizzy while spinning around a baseball bat and then running to a prize . Members Ayakawa Komugi and Fujisaki Asami were taking their turn at playing the game, as the two idols were spinning Komugi suddenly became very dizzy and crashed into Asami. Because of this collision, the two idols fell into the lighting rig ditch, which was around 1 meter deep. Komugi suffered a broken hipbone and nose, while Asami suffered an ankle injury.

Both were sent to the hospital for treatment .TV Tokyo has released a statement announcing, “They will try harder to disseminate safety management to prevent this from happening in the future.”

Lets all hope the two make a healthy comeback soon.

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The two that were injured are on the front row

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