Friday, June 17, 2011

Idol Spotlight : Fresh Faces Vol #2

Continuing with our fresh idol voting  .This is the second set of artists to choose from. Just as with Volume 1, you can select as many as you like, which you like to see us cover.

Just use the comments section to cast your vote or votes .

This unit is veterans of the lesser-known scene

2.ミ★pop [ Changed name from Soda Pop]


This unit is veterans of the lesser-known scene
One thing about the lesser-known units, they love the wota aspect of the genre.
They have no issues dancing in a crowd of wotas, as you will see at the 4:00 mark.


I selected this next group ,as they show the other side of the coin so to speak.

5.Ricotta Veil

Outside of the big pocket agencies ,there is another world ,a world of hard working often do it yourself idols ,or very small agencies ,with idols selling 100`s to 1,000 not 100,000`s of CDs.

In this other lesser known world, there are no idol battles over Oricon rankings, No Friday’s reporter trying to expose an idols private life. There are only idols, supporting each other, sharing wotas and bringing smiling faces with every song, as if they were on the largest stages in the world.



  1. My votes for ChuLips i love the fact that they dance with ur wota fans XD.... plus the one with glasses is pretty cute ;)

  2. I like Feam. They can sing dance and are energetic!
    Pop's voices are really annoying *__* I hate when Idol's sing like that, like their 5.
    ChuLips know how to have fun and interact with fans. I also love the girl with the glasses <3
    I love fresh new groups. the more, the merrier.

    This is why I love indie groups. They aren't concerned with selling a bunch of copies and they don't overcrowd the media by being in the news, plays, commercials, and dramas. They just want to perform and have fun XD

  3. Chu!☆Lips is awesome, i like how they interact with tthe wotas... they are from the same agency that feam and ミ★pop

  4. I need more of these awesomeness!


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