Monday, June 20, 2011

The Truth Revealed

The Truth Revealed

After milking this so-called drama for a few days , the truth that we all knew ahead of time was revealed.

What truth shall that be? -Eguchi Aimi was a CGI Idol. Big shock right, lol.

Now on to the more important news of the day, just who is Eguchi Aimi?

Aimi`s hair and body belong to Oshima Yuko ,her online is Takahashi Minami ,her eyes is Maeda Atsuko ,her eyebrows are from the Cyborg idol Watanabe Mayu . Her nose is Itano Tomomi`s, her mouth is Shinoda Mariko`s and "Dr" Akimoto removed 12th gen`s Sasaki Yukari`s voice and made it Aimi`s.

Now as to her member bio, well that is true; you see it is the bio for Glico's company profile.

Here is the good part, instead of cursing "Dr" Akimoto for playing with your hearts by creating this Frankenstein Idol. Instead head over to the home page at the end of this post and you can create your own idol.

That is right; you can take parts of 47 AKB48 members and create your own CGI 48 Idol.

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