Thursday, June 16, 2011

Idol Spotlight : Fresh Faces Vol #1

Idol Spotlight : Fresh Faces Vol #1

Ryo and I cannot decide which fresh faced idol group we want to write about next ,so we are enlisting our readers in the decision.

Over the next little bit , can`t say how many days ,this will last ,Short previews of fresh faced idol groups or idols that we have never covered will be posted .

These previews maybe as simple as an introduction, song preview, live clip and so on. Just a little something to get the name out there, without giving too much away on the group or idol. We may slip in a unit that has disbanded, for a were are they now profile. The main thing is that they are fresh to this site.

Now here is how you can help shape the future of the fresh faced idol topic. If at anytime you see one or more groups or idols in these previews, that sparks an interest in you post it in the comments section.

The groups or idols with the highest interest will go to the top of the list for addition to the PIH coverage. One more thing, you can select as many as you like.

Therefore, here is today's selection

1.PEACEFUL [From Hokkaido]

2. Milky-Holmes

3.Piyo Rabbie

5.DokiDoki☆ Dream Campus

6.Roman Stars

Please keep looking forward to more "Fresh Face Idol" posts ,and you can vote for whom you like PIH to add to the site , by posting in the comments section.

Thank You.



  1. I'm surprised how many awesome idol groups I've never heard of there are. XD

    I'm voting for Milky-Holmes because the girls voices are so adorable. And the PV was pretty cute too.

    I'm also voting for because they sing the typical type of idol music that I love.

    I'm also voting for DokiDoki☆ Dream Campus because the girls are adorable and their singing is pretty good.

  2. @ AimxAim
    This is really a topic that has no end ,I think Ryo and myself stopped counting on our list once we reached someplace over 100 .It`s a long list ,that never ends it

    In Akihabara you can go idol hunting and never come back out .It`s kind of like idol heaven for wotas, lol.

    Most of these units will never get any bigger then they are now. This whole popularity or lack of idea based on CD sales is very misleading and something I may address later. However, there are a number of fresh idol groups that could move the genre to new levels, if given a chance.

    So we are going to give as many groups a chance on PIH as long as there is an interest in them.

  3. My favorites (in order of liking :D!)
    1.!! ( I LOVE THEM! )
    2. doki doki dream campus
    3. milky holmes
    4. roman stars
    5. piyo rabbie

  4. 1.Piyo Rabbie
    3.DokiDoki☆ Dream Campus
    4.Roman Stars

    So many good groups !!

  5. I love these Fresh Face entries!!

    I already know Milky Holmes and DokiDoki, but I'm new to Piyo Rabbie- they're awesome!! It's been a while since I first read this entry and listened to all the groups. So I don't know exactly how I'd number them.


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