Friday, June 3, 2011

New Soloist Kitahara Sayaka

Summer is here and a new idol is here, former H!P Egg , now new Up-Front soloist Kitahara Sayaka.

Sayaka will be making her single release debut on June 22 with “Yappa Seishun”. “Yappa Seishun” will be the ending theme to the anime “Inazuma Eleven GO”.

As far as a PV goes right now we only have a small preview to hold us over .It`s really good to see Eggs move on to main idols ,no one for any agency wants to be a career trainee.

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  1. sayaka !! :D
    still sad she wont be debuting in H!P :(

    anyways she looks great in that soccer outfit haha

    its somehow different to see her all girly...
    she usually has a cool hairstyle...
    and is a bit i guess... tomboy-ish ??
    u know like in milky way :p

    but im glad shes getting her debut :)

    yossie is always great :)
    sayaka is tall :o taller than yossie... a lil bit


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