Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dorothy Little Happy - Mission Happiness 29 June 2011

Finally I got to catch Dorothy Little Happy Ustream show Mission in Happiness. I was still at work just like last week, but this time I have less guys walking behind my workstation. And a big plus, I managed to find a way to download the Ustream streaming video! It pays to be in the technical field of work. :-)

The show started early... well, it didn't "start" per se, but 30 minutes before they go on air, the Ari TV crew were testing out the cams and the DLH girls were prepping for the show. No audio, but we can see the girls are in high spirits. It's great to see them in their own casual clothing instead of the usual glitter and glamor.
Already the Twitter channel have messages pouring in, and just like last week's show, you can send in an email or tweets so the girls can read and respond to it. From right, Kana, Ruuna, Mari, Koumi and Mimori. Behind them is a TV showing a clip of their concert in April, which eventually will be put out on DVD called "Journey to Oz". Get it? Yes, that's really the title of the DVD. :-)
On the desk, is laptop logged on to their Ustream page where they can read the viewer's messages via Twitter. Mimori is holding up a sign that says "we are still in preparation".

Then the camera stopped and then started back again. Once again, no audio. Girls are hanging around waiting for showtime. Kana then came up to the camera and posed a peace sign - because somebody requested her to do it via Twitter. Now that's why she's my favourite of the group, she's the oldest but she can just be so cute sometimes. She's also the mature one there, while she's promoting the show and merchandise with the crew, the other girls just goof around.
Mimori seems very proud of her artworks. Then Kana showed a picture of herself, noted by Mimori's sign, when she was 14 years old (She's currently 17).

Mimori and Ruuna decided to do sketching competition, at the request of a fan tweet - drawing a girl with glasses.

Then a break. I went away for a bit, and came back later to find the show has started 4 minutes already. I'm not sure if it is OK for me to put up the video here, but if it is not allowed... anyways this only first 10 minutes of the show.

The girls commented about how nervous they were in the concert shown on the TV, and how they have improved in dancing now. Then they read and respond to the tweets. Mimori announces their next event appearances this weekend.

Then Kana introduces members of Bee-F.L.T. (pronounced Bee Flat) who will opening for their live show on Sunday. At this point onwards, we get to see Ruuna's character just like how I see it in her blog posts - full of lame jokes and just plain weird (in a cute way of course :)).

Then the girl talk about their live shows, crowd reaction and where at one point they have technical problems onstage and they suspect there is a ghost present... and moved on the next topic.

And the show proceeded from then on... what I've noticed.
- Unlike mainstream variety shows where it is supervised by an experienced MC and everything is well formated, this one is a total "organized chaos". Which is a welcome break from the monotonous one-format shows we see on TV.
- On the girls - Kana is the big bossy sister + leader (obviously) who loves to study, Ruuna is the goof-ball afraid of ghosts, Mari is the goodie girly-girly girl, Koumi is the quiet supporting role, and Mimori is the topper and attention grabber .

Then next "Mission Orders" - Apparently it is confirmed that the DLH girls will be involved in a short dorama! (perhaps aired in Ari-TV or produced in DVD). Ruuna is afraid of the idea because she was afraid a ghost will appear again, to which the others advised her to eat salt. :)
Now the girls are required to come up with ideas to be included in the DVD. Fans also then poured in ideas via Twitter. Among them - cooking contest, dance battle, sports fest, test/exam, intro-quiz, funny faces contest, water sports ..... what familiar ideas, at this point I realized that a lot of the audience of this show today could be Morning Musume fans too. But my favorite idea was doing a band ala Bee-Mine and Scandal, which Mari love so much. Mari also came up with a camping trip, that way they could do almost all of the given ideas (sports,test,water games etc etc).

Due to lack of time, they decided on on:
- Long somen eating contest
- Sports fest
- Camping trip
- Dorama
- Test

With that show ends.

Email (send in ideas for the show):
Show URL:

- Test

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