Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #3

[Photo is the unit Ricotta Veil]

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #3

I had so much fun selecting this batch to preview, that I could not stop, so I am presenting you seven idol selections in volume 3.

This was by far the hardest seven to select as each time I would select one ,I would look at my list and go ,no I want this unit on this post ,yet I can`t take a group off as I wanted them on as well, lol.

I was asked on another post about the nasal voice or anime voice that a number of the Indie Idols use. Well there is a reason for that,one it is cute to wotas , but more so it`s about economics.

A good number of Indie Idols, mostly in the Akiba Idol genre do anime,mostly it`s straight to DVD anime theme songs ,voices or even have their own anime to sell at lives ,so in a way it pays for them to take on that role . Not to mention a number of these units set lists feature anime songs.

I have a confession to make , you will likely see a lot of Indie Idols on PIH along with our regular Majors. You see outside of this site in my personal life, I am involved heavily in music , with my own touring rock band . The label that we are under also deals with Indie Idols ,so this branch of the genre is important and exciting to me in a way . My oldest daughter is also in entertainment ,allowing me to have a daily view and offering of support in a number of related and non music related things. Ryo is also a big fan of Indies . It is a fun branch of the genre to explore,

When you look at things from all sides ,there is a lot of politics and stuff that goes with Major Idols and in a way no matter how big you become , image wise you will still be less then certain companies to the media ,even if you out sale them. Sometimes this can lead you to simply wanting to get away from the Majors as it takes away some enjoyment.

In Indies ,there is much more of a free spirit to the genre .You see many units out on the streets or at lives ,without a big staff ,it`s just the girls signing a photo you took with her for a few yen ,selling their own CDs and goods ,doing their own promotion handouts.

In an Indie live you can see 5-10 Idol groups in one show for 1/2 the price of a Major in a big hall. It`s common in some lives to see groups that have performed earlier ,in the front row ,still in costume with wotas wearing the performing units t-shirts supporting the next groups performance until they have to leave. There is one more thing to be said about Indies .There is nothing that a Major can do ,that an Indie can`t .Indies sell merchandise , perform lives , go to anime cons ,have radio and TV shows , go on TV shows . They just do it on a scale that is much smaller then a Major.

There will always be many more Indies then Majors ,each offering something special. They are very hard working groups  and at times get very little in return, yet they soldier on, just as if they were in the Tokyo Dome.

Here is another set of fresh faces; maybe you will find something special in one as well.


[This venue use to me a movie hall]

2.Sweet Whip
[SweetColor`s company unit]


[Video is from before they became a 4 member unit]

4.H&A [From Hamamatsu]



7.C*LOVER [Their Youtube Channel] [W/Archives]

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